Thursday 7 January 2010

SEE Ethos

Sun Earth Energy utilises several interconnected strategies for a cleaner, leaner and greener environment.

  • Power and Heat Generation
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiencies
  • Education and Understanding
  • Collaboration

Power and Heat Generation:

Generation of Electricity is vital for the development of all types of economy from emerging to mature. However electrical generation normally is accompanyed by "waste" heat from the process.

By re-directing that heat we can provide, heating for domestic hot water, process heat for industry and even chilled water for air conditioning. 

This makes the production of ENERGY our primary goal. In the form of electricity, heat, cooling or even mechanical work (pumps and compressors). Most utilities are only concerned with the production of electricity, leaving some 60%-80% of the energy go to waste.

By generating energy from wind, solar-thermal, wave, geo-thermal, bio-mass etc, and combining this with a variety of energy storage solutions, such as compressed air, batteries, stored heat, and directly to end users we are able to provide dependable energy solutions mostly with a ZERO CARBON footprint.

Energy Conservation and Efficiencies
But our solutions are not limited to renewable energy. Indeed it is a practical issue that needs to be considered. Oil and Gas are here for a long time yet. Refinery Products such as petrol are 'hard-wired' into every aspect of every economy on the planet. We cannot change that overnight.

However we feel that alternatives are still viable until our stock of motor vehicles are all electric (maybe 50+ years?). LPG or Liquified Petrolem Gas, is a propane/butane mix that can replace petrol in vehicles. Its very much more environmenatly friendly. The EU want 10% of all vehicles to be running on LPG by 2020 (only 1.7% use it at present).

LPG is also a better product for emerging economies, for transport and cooking fuels (rather than cooking with charcol and suchlike). Therefore we support the LPG market as a substitute for petrol and inefficient cooking fuels, as a cleaner alternative.

These are only an introduction to our strategic take on energy. We can help emerging nations to formulate coherent policies on energy and the environment. We are active in Africa and are keen to build commercial scale generation capacity for the next 10 years.

Contact us with your support and to hear more about our strategy.

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