Sunday 7 March 2010

Underground Coal Gasification: With CHP

Not the most obvious way of getting coal 'energy' out of the ground but it has to be one of the most practical. It's also a good solution with depleted mine-working which will be venting methane to the atmosphere.

Water/Air mix is injected into difficult coal seams and the reaction produces a synthetic gas rich in methane, and also CO2 and other gases. This 'gas' is then brought to the surface for production processes.

Whilst this process will produce a gas suitable for Combined Heat and Power Systems [Electricity Heat and Cooling Waters], it can also be the base for bio-diesel production as well.

Like all coal mining operations we have to wary of the risks; such as settlement issues at the surface, venting along unforeseen seams to the surface and the need to clean the synthetic gas of other contaminants.

However it is an energy rich process and can provide

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