Tuesday 13 September 2011

Transport Fuels GAS vs Electricity?

Why bother with a 'beauty parade' when you can have CNG/LPG Electric Hybrids!

Electric power trains and systems are still in the development phase and will be for some time.

However that development could work hand-in-hand with the gaseous fuel advantages. With hybrid delivery system you get electic power to the wheels, but with a great range due to on-boad fuel. By utilising CNG for Trucks and Buses as a 'transition fuel' to wean us off diesel.

Additionally bio-methane can be cleaned and compressed to make transport CNG, but derived from our ever increasing 'mountains of food, human, farming and other wastes. So two issues resolved.

The big advantage with CNG is that it is far cleaner in terms of Particulate Matter (PM) and Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) than current diesels, even with the expensive to maintain particulate filters. But the CNG Electric Hybrid takes clean air and fuel economy to new levels compared to the best diesels around - even the diesel hybrids.

CNG is ideal for buses, Truck and even trams and trains, as seen in Europe.
Swedish CNG Train

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