Sunday 25 October 2009

Sun-Earth Energy Strategy for Africa

Sun Earth Energy is the generation arm of a group of international companies in the business, good and proper, of Alternative Energy.

We have several web sites which will be developed in the next few weeks to show our thinking and strategy. Especially for central and Southern Africa. Watersons MG Ltd is the research arm. Sun Earth Energy is the gererator, waste reduction and facilitatior of more environmentally friendly fuels for Europe and the US.

We will add articles of interest as time allows. But firstly we are worried about the actions being taken to generate electricity in Central Africa and South Africa. Too many 'heavy' industrialists are influencing policy makers to burn Coal, Gas and even to promote Nuclear. Even massive Hydro shcemes have to looked at in the context of huge environmental impacts and the displacement of large numbers of the local population.

We are not too impressed with the 'simplistic' view regarding the so called 'bio-fuels'. To displace crop growing for food to make bio-diesel and suchlike to run cars is counter-productive.

We have a simple set of strategies to bring wealth to local regions, to increase the generation of electricity, to process more drinking water and to create employment.

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