Thursday 25 February 2010

Anaerobic Digesters: Electricity, Heat and Cooling from Rubbish?

Anaerobic Digestion;
is the process by which waste organic material is broken down into more acceptable components, such as bio-gas and fertilizer. It is the same process used in a sewage works, and it will work with many differing materials, although woody material is less suitable.

However this application can bring electricity, hot water and cooling to small scale application, such as a group of houses. All fed from waste materials from food waste to farming wastes and animal dung.

Perfect for emerging nations, farming communities, and people without grid electricity. Sun Earth Energy can supply the equipment and expertise to roll out this "super green" technology on a regional and national basis.

We feel it is ideal for African Nations where the higher mean temperatures make the digestion process (which only works above 37 C) far more effective and productive. And for goodness sake please do not tell anybody that you can run a car on this stuff!!!

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