Monday 1 February 2010

Climate Change: Yes or No

Its really very disappointing to hear all the 'experts' arguing whether global warming is real or not; we even have the view posted that it's some form of "enemy" plot to corrupt the climate change proponents (how or why is unclear); my take is WHO CARES!

Why, because it matters not who is right or who is wrong;


That means oil, gas, coal, have to be consumed efficiently and used to their best effect. This might even mean that oil and gas are used to make plastics, or even as a medium for foodstuffs. It may mean we cannot accept the pollution risks, the risks in extraction, the environmental impacts on a personal level.

The point is that renewable energy and energy efficiency are very worthy causes without any issues on climate; which if true makes these topics even more relevant. I mean who reading this is happy to pay their ever rising electricity bills or gas bills, why can't we have some credible alternatives, why can't we take control of our own energy needs, even at a personal or community level.

The answer is solar thermal, the answer is solar PV, the answer is wind, wave, osmotic, geo-thermal etc, etc, etc. The technology is good enough right now AND IT WILL GET BETTER. Vested interests at the Corporate and Government levels are holding this all back.

So at Sun Earth Energy we say "demand change now, demand more choice, demand energy independence, go it alone if you have to, but lets see some real change"

What do you think?

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